About the founder,

While living in Poland for over 30 years I was a religious person, one of millions of Polish Catholics. I attended a church almost every Sunday, listened to beautiful sermons and I did not know the living God - I doubted He exists.

The Bible to me was a very foreign book. I never read it; never opened it, and never touched it. Christ was mysterious in a wafer and not real to me. During my high school years we had a Catechism hour, but the priest never told us abut this Bible book, nor advised us to read the Bible. Again, I was one of millions of Polish Catholics who have this same, very limited knowledge about God and His Bible.

After coming to America, my first focus was the Dollar $ign. Get rich quick, live and enjoy life to its fullest. In this country of democracy, I saw no boundary to anything that looked good, smelled good and felt good. So I did! Being young, playing strong, it was a goal of a day.

One day a young woman, visiting her relative in Chicago, handed a gift to me, and suggested I read it. It was a New Testament. I was not looking for such a book, but out of courtesy I couldn't refuse the gift. I thought, some day, maybe some day, I will open it.

One situation, which most people would call "a coincidence,” but I now call it God's touch, led me to open the New Testament. Reading it, I first had such strange feelings: "this book is not for the 20-th century, this book is off the stage of today's lifestyle, nobody can live the way this book is teaching. Perhaps it was suitable two thousand years ago; maybe it is good for Far East countries... This book is not for me !"

I wanted to stay away from this book. I was ready to put it off. At the same time I knew that those words in the book were spoken by Jesus Christ. I knew enough about Jesus, and told myself, "If I reject His teachings and His words, who knows when I’ll have my last day. Will I have a chance to come back, or reconsider my thinking, before I stand in front of Him in my ignorance?"

Such thoughts and concerns kept me on reading. While continuing reading I realized that if there was anything wrong, it is not with this Book, but with me. If there is anything mistaken, it is not the Book, it’s me!

Later I discovered that the Bible is the only book ever written in which God has given to mankind a plan, a rescue plan, for fallen, perishing men and women who willingly and freely accept His plan. This plan is very simple but ALL religions and religious leaders make it very complicated and useless. Most religious rituals were never desired by God, but created by religious men to impress people and empower themselves. That’s why Christ so often condemn religious ceremonies, rituals, and their creators. Following such religious traditions, I swallowed a wafer of "mysterious Jesus" having it end up only in my stomach, never in my heart. The New Testament speaks clearly of Jesus in our heart (in the inner man, in our spirit), not in our stomach.

Great! But what I do with that now? There are millions of my countrymen who live as I lived, and who still think as I thought, seriously lacking knowledge of the truth, who are on the wrong path. Who are religious, but on the road to hell, as I was, (interestingly enough, Jesus talked more about hell than about heaven. Well, His love and care prompted Him to do so). Millions of my countrymen are religious, but don't know the living God. Yes, they're religious, but don't have a personal relationship with God. My heart said, “Do something about that! Let them know!”

A few years later I published a book, "Astonishing Discoveries." The book is full of evidences that the Bible is “God breathed” - God's inspired Book. A good part of the book presents quotes from well known scientists, statesmen, and presidents who testify how this Book, the Bible, influenced their lives.

Later I read a book, "Far from Rome, Near to God," which lists over 50 Catholic priests from many countries and in details, their testimonies how they served thousands of parishioners, sometimes for more than 20 years, and how one day they started reading the Bible, all of them first time in their life. Up to that point they only had knowledge of some selected excerpts while serving Mass. This Book, the Bible, changed their understanding of God and His rescue plan. It changed their teaching and their life. Suddenly they recognized how the religious ceremonies and rituals they performed were useless and even despicable in the eyes of God. Some of those testimonies I included in my book.

While still pondering and praying about how to help my countrymen who now live as I used to live, who still think as I used to, and who are on the wrong path as I was, who are religious, but are on a straight course to hell as I was, God led me to a couple who were just about to start a radio program in Chicago. They asked me to join them and I did. Later, I became the sole host of that radio program, Faith and Freedom, (Wiara i Wolnosc) which has been on the air for more than 19 years creating the opportunity to learn about Bible, God and themselves, for some of the more than a million Polish residents of Chicago and suburbs. And I am the one that has been the worst qualified to be on the radio, as one of my friends honestly told me later.

While living in Poland, I knew that America was different from any other country in the world. My big question was, “Why? Why the difference?” Typical answers like, "because of its democracy," were not satisfying to me. I sensed that there must be something more behind it. There must be something special. There must be some secret I am not aware of. What is it? I couldn't find the answer in any newspaper or popular magazine. I couldn't find it in any Polish book. Those questions were not answered for another ten years after I landed on American soil. Here in the US I read newspapers, magazines, listened to the radio, watched TV… still nothing. I found no answer to my question.

Then little by little, slowly but surely, my eyes were opening. America is not like any other country because its foundation is not like that of any other country, because its constitution is not like of any other country. A great discovery! So how did those "founding fathers" have so much wisdom to draft such a supreme constitution? People who write constitutions in other countries are certainly not dummies. They're highly intelligent. They're very well educated. Again, there must be some secret I was not aware of. What was it?

The Bible says, "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find ..." I read the biography of George Washington as Commander in Chief of the Revolutionary Army and later as a President. I examined his speeches before Congress and the nation. I was moved reading that he dedicated one hour in the morning and one hour before going to bed reading his Bible and praying on his knees. He did not neglect that while in the comfort of his home, nor in the war tent surrounded by his generals, soldiers and enemies. I was amazed to learn that two of his horses were killed by bullets while he was sitting on them but no harm came to Washington. His coat was riddled with bullet holes on different occasions but he survived without a scratch. One time an Indian fired at him from a distance just three feet away. Again, no harm came to George Washington. Even reading stories about war heroes from Europe and other parts of the world, I never, ever read anything like that! It was incredible, miraculous!

Then I read about Thomas Jefferson and other signatories to the Constitution. Piece by piece, slide by slide, the real picture was developing before my eyes. America is not like any other country because its foundation is not like that of any other country; because its constitution is not like that of any other country. The men who created the Constitution were not ordinary statesmen like those of other countries.

On the other hand, they also were not supermen as pictured in today's movies, but they were enlightened by a Power coming not from within themselves, but from above. America is not like any other country because its principles were established on the principles of the Bible. Even though they did not quote Bible verses in the Constitution, the principles and its foundation pillars were taken from the Bible. Mystifying, shocking, amazing - how could I describe my discoveries? Here I am in this land! Here I am part of those blessings! How could I be silent? Why would I not share with others my astonishing discoveries?

On the other hand, although those very important facts about America and its history can be found in the Library of Congress, we will never hear it, nor see it broadcast by the popular, or social media. Isn't that something? Why is that? Is it a widespread popular secret, a conspiracy, or something else?

What is happening to America now? Why? And what will happen next? We can find answers to these very important questions in the Bible as well, but that is beyond the scope of "my book."

... seeking those who seek ...

Ted Tomal